We all get a bunch of e-mails today ranging from important business e-mails, to personal letters, subscriptions to our favorite newsletters, and every once in a while, an amusing spam letter. Today was one of those days where I received one of those emails. At first glance, it almost seemed too good to be true, but knowing better, the fact that it seemed too good to be true probably meant that it was. Being curious if I really was "among the thirteen" individuals "to receive a financial support donation of $2million each," I decided to dig deeper and look for proof that this was not a legitimate e-mail.

Of course, before I begin sharing what I found, let's first be clear that this is not a means to put negativity on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Based on my little research on the organization as well as what I've heard from different articles and reports, all I can say is the organization's global efforts looks to change the lives of many in a positive way. I'm not expert in what they do, but you can pay a visit to their website to learn more about them. Instead, this post is focused on examining a spam e-mail that was written and designed to exploit readers to think it was from the organization, when in fact it probably was not (if it was, then I missed out on a great opportunity).

Tonight's one of those slow nights where I'm at home, minding my own business and along came a spider. Not a huge one, but still a spider none the less. I'm no biologist or spider expert so I have no idea what variety this spider was, but the fact it wasn't black just told me it's probably one of the safe ones. Also, it was only (roughly) a few millimeters in diameter so it was probably safe. Anyways, the moment I saw the spider, I trapped it so I could frame it in a shot, grabbed my camera(s) and the 100mm macro lens, and decided to have a mini photoshooot. Here's what I came up with.

Last night, the Los Angeles skyline served as a canvas for a one night only light presentation to commorate the 30th anniversary of the Los Angeles Marathon. Put together by ASICS, this presentation consisted of 26 spotlights positioned at each mile mark of the L.A. Marathon route. With my Canon 6D + 24-105mm lens on hand (as well as a remote shutter release and tripod), I made my way up to a busy Griffith Observatory last night to grab some photos. Here's some of what was captured.

This may be one of my creepier photos, but I just kind of liked it that I decided to share it. Last night, I didn't have much to do so I decided to take out the camera and take som photos. Working with the 100mm macro lens I picked up a few weeks ago, I set my camera on a tripod and focused the camera on my eye. Since I was shooting on my own, I used the Canon EOS Remote companion app to remotely view what my camera was seeing, helping me frame the shot. However, this was still challenging on it's own. Being at 100mm, my slightest movement would impact the framing dramatically and the macro focal length also made my slightest movements easily rack in out of focus for the shot. Once I found the precise spot I needed to be in, I was able to use the remote app to adjust key camera settings: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. For this shot, I decided to keep the lens at full opening of f/2.8 with a shutter of 1/4th of a second and an ISO of 200. For lighting, I was using a cheap setup and was pretty much shining a flashlight on my face. After a few exposure adjustments in Lightroom, I came out with the shot seen above.

Following at day of taking photographs for Dapper Day and watching a show from Pentatonix, I swung by a new traportation hub in Anaheim, CA just to see what it looked like. The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, or ARTIC for short, opened up just within the last few months to serve as a public transit up for the city. By day, I'm sure this place is filled with the hustle and bustle of city life, but dropping by on a Sunday evening left the space empty and quiet. Security guards were roaming and a few visitors were waiting for something or someone, but other than that, the large empty hub was empty. To me, this provided some cool photo opportunities. Having been already dressed up from the Dapper Day event earlier that day, we used this chance to take some cool head shots and photos. Check it out!

It's that time of the year again where I dress up in my Sunday's best, head over to Disneyland, and take lots and lots of pictures. This day is known as Dapper Day! This past Sunday, March 1st, Dapper Day celebrated it's 5th year. Having been there since it's inception in 2011, I was determined to make it rain or shine and so did several hunderds. It did rain while I was there, but with the wonderful invention known as an umbrella, I managed to keep myself and my camera just dry enough to take some entertaining photos. 

This month, the Glendale Galleria is home to The Lego Monuments Roadshow. The title of the show kind of explains it all, but the official description goes something like this:

"The LEGO Monument Tour is a highly visual, educational and free traveling installation of larger-than-life LEGO models. Replicas of iconic buildings and architectural structures will be on exhibit at various locations throughout the shopping center. Glendale Galleria is the only venue in California to host The LEGO Monuments Roadshow."

After work, i decided to drop by the galleria and check out the exhibits for myself. If you're a Lego fan, I highly recommend checking this out. It's free and if you've got young ones (or are interested in the subject itself) is a good way to just get to know some of America's historic landmarks. Check out some of the Lego buildings they had in their showcase!

After running around the malls to find something for Dapper Day and Fake Prom, I came out to see it raining in Southern California. Its definite a rarity in this area, but let's be honest, we definitely need some of this rain because of the severe drought going on in the state. Anyways, I took this opportunity to capture some macro shots of the rain drops, this time using my front yard as a subject and te plants in it as my models. I captured these photos with a Canon 6D and the 100mm f/2.8L macro lens, both which are apparenlty weather sealed and built to be used in the (light) rainy weather such as the one today. Take a look at some of the photos below. :)

Hello! I'm making this post from the comfort of bed and typing it on my phone so excuse any typos. Anyways, this "impromptu" post is to share some new photos. Today, I pulled the trigger and picked up a new lens, a Canon 100mm macro lens. I've always wanted to get into macro photography since its art form brings attention to details which easily get ignored. To test out the lens, I decided to photograph some of my mechanical watches. What you'll see are a bunch of shots of Fossil watches. To note, I'm not affiliated with them in anyway and really just own a bunch of Fossil watches. Anyways, onto the photos!

Today was a day off work so I decided to spend it taking photos. For today's photo adventure, I re-visited the Los Angeles Zoo to take some shots of the animals there. The last time I spent some quality time there was still in 2011. I paid a few visits in December for the L.A. Zoo Lights display, but all the animals were asleep and was a totally different experience than a typical zoo visit. Anywyas, for this trip, I brought along my Canon 70-200mm F/4 lens and snapped away. Here are a few shots from today's adventure. :)