Ryan Valle

Multimedia Specialist

A multimedia specialist with experience in video production, photography, and web development (& some design).

Video Production

Over 8 years of video experience in all areas of production including script writing and planning (pre-production); equipment setup, camera operation, and audio (production); and a Final Cut Pro ninja with both version 7 and X (post-production).


With an understanding of lighting, aperture, shutter speed, RAW processing, and other nerdy camera technicalities, this hobby has been proven useful in the world of fast-paced media, providing digital imagery for Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

Web Development

Experienced in front-end development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, with some practice in the back-end development world. Enjoys toying with the Linux command line prompt & is currently exploring the world of Rails.

Also experienced in project management, media & asset management, technical support, technical to English translations, and problem solving

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