Welcome to another "Explore LA" photo series, but this time taken from the comfort of my car. This time around, I was on my drive home from work and decided to mount my camera onto one of the backseat headrest and do some long exposures as I drove. Equiped with a fish eye lens and a wireless remote, I was able to trigger my camera from the driver seat. And by using the bulb functionality on the camera, I was able to manually control how long I wanted the long exposure to last.

Quicktime Movie Player has always been one of those apps that came with the Mac computers. Previously, it was the mac user's go to player (along with other great free choices such as VLC Player) to watch your video files on the Mac, or if you were more of a hard core video nerd like I was, used it to process, encode, or convert your videos for different delivery formats. In the recent launch of OS X Yosemite, Apple sneaked in a few new features of Quicktime. The one that I found most notable was the introduction of iOS screen capture.

Los Angeles is an interesting city. Many people may think it's one of those major metropolitans with large buildings, or a celebrity hub where movies are made. Truth is, while there is a large film business in the region and a Downtown area filled with the hustle and bustle you'd expect from any major metropolitan area, Los Angeles also has some cool places that not a lot of people may know about. Take for example, the Old Los Angeles Zoo which is located in Griffth Park, CA and is just a few minutes away from the "new" L.A. Zoo's location.

Welcome to my updated "Blog-Folio" site, a hybrid of a blog and a portfolio website! Well, essentially it is just a blog site but I'll be mostly using it to share some of my work. :) Over time, I hope to share things from photo adventures and techniques for those interested in photography, code snippets for you fellow tekkies and web developers, and just other posts that I feel like sharing.