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Welcome to my Knowledge Share

We're all filled with knowledge, some of which may stay in long in our memory and some which may end up being long forgotten. Like everyone else, I suffer from that forgetfulness and wanted to have a place where I can just document random things I find to be helpful or useful. Originally, I was just going to drop these in my notes for me to reference privately, but when I realized this might be useful to some random stranger on the internet, I figured I'd make my contributions to the world wide web of information.

That's where I came to this idea to add a "Knowledge Share" section on my site. This part of my site really will grow out to be a collection of random tidbits of information. The main thing here are to share things that can help with overall productivity. If nobody else runs into this, at minimum, it will serve as my personal documentation site for me to reference when I may need to remember how I do that one thing in Chrome dev tools or a script reference reminding me how to do something as simple as certificate generation with openssl commands.

At best, this is really just going to be a quick reference guide to find information quickly.