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· 3 min read

Dall-e 2, Synthwave photo of man running in space

If you've spent time on the internet recently, you probably saw some sort of headline, tweet, post, or video about DALLE•E 2, OpenAI's system to create images from a description it has been provided. For example, the image above was all created by the system when I provided it the text, "Synthwave photo of man running in space."

· 5 min read

Now a days, browsers have matured well enough to have amazing support for videos on the web. Prior to HTML5 video, there was a huge reliance on technologies like Flash to have video playback on the web. But with that, there were limitations like device support and quality limitations. Today, the HTML5 standard makes video embedding super simple with the <video> tag, and its browser API, developers have a lot of control to build out custom features and experiences for anyone visiting a site. However, one thing I was curious about was what can be done about transparent videos and what does that support look like? I managed to get one working on my site and here I share some of the details on what it took to get there.

· 4 min read

Welcome to my site. I've rebuilt my site with Docusaurus and features four primary sections:

  • Resume - because that's pretty required for a personal site
  • Running Stuff - a summary of my races and running events
  • Random Thoughts in Writing - a long way to say "blog"
  • Knowledge Share - a documentation section for me to share random bits of information

Welcome to updated site! After learning about Docusaurus, I wanted to try out the new framework and decided that rebuilding my personal site would be a fun little side project and a decent upgrade to what I had before.