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Running Stuff

Just a page dedicated to my running addiction and accomplishments

I started running in 2015 when I started training for my first race, a half marathon. After crossing that finishline, I got hooked onto the runner's high. To date, I've ran a lot of miles and collected my medals for a total of:

  • 7 marathons (26.2 miles)
  • 20 half marathons (13.1 miles)
  • 5 10k races (6.21 miles)
  • 2 5k races (3.1 miles)

To me, running has become a core part of my lifestyle. While many just view it as a workout, to me it's more than that. After a long day of work or going through a busy week, running gives me that escape to just de-stress, get some fresh air, and clear my mind. It's helped me a lot in helping manage my stress in addition to staying fit. In addition, signing up for a running event like a marathon gives me a goal to work towards. This allows me to stay motivated to keep improving myself, and as the event nears, gives me something to look forward to and be excited about. Some may count down the days until the next Comic Con or major holiday. I like to count down the days until my next race.

Follow my running shenanigans on Strava!

Upcoming Races

Days Until RaceDateEventDistanceLocation
36Mar 17, 20242024 Los Angeles Charity Half Marathon13.1 milesLos Angeles, CA
71Apr 21, 20242024 Springtime Surprise - Hakuna Matata 10-miler10 milesAnaheim, CA
241Oct 8, 20242024 Chicago Marathon26.2 milesChicago, IL

Previous Races

PBDateEventFinish TimeResultsDistanceLocationRecap Video
Jan 14, 20242024 Disneyland Half Marathon02:28:57View Results13.1 milesAnaheim, CA
Jan 13, 20242024 Disneyland 10k01:16:52View Results6.21 milesAnaheim, CAWatch on YouTube
Jan 6, 20242024 Walt Disney World Half Marathon (modified course)01:20:56View Results7.1 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Jan 15, 20232023 Rose Bowl Half Marathon02:03:53View Results13.1 milesPasadena, CA
Jan 8, 20232023 Walt Disney World Marathon05:47:28View Results26.2 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Jul 24, 20222022 San Francisco Half Marathon (1st half)02:06:00View Results13.1 milesSan Francisco, CAWatch on YouTube
Mar 20, 20222022 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon02:05:11View Results13.1 milesNew York City, NYWatch on YouTube
Jan 9, 20222022 Walt Disney World Marathon05:59:42View Results26.2 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Jan 8, 20222022 Walt Disney World Half Marathon02:37:58View Results13.1 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Jan 7, 20222022 Walt Disney World 10k01:04:39View Results6.21 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Jan 6, 20222022 Walt Disney World 5k00:28:58View Results3.1 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Nov 7, 20212021 Wine and Dine Half Marathon02:16:10View Results13.1 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Oct 10, 20212021 Long Beach Half Marathon01:55:28View Results13.1 milesLong Beach, CAWatch on YouTube
Sept 26, 20212021 Rose Bowl Half Marathon01:55:16View Results13.1 milesPasadena, CAWatch on YouTube
Jul 18, 20212021 San Diego Half Marathon02:06:08View Results13.1 milesSan Diego, CAWatch on YouTube
Mar 20, 20212021 United NYC Virtual Half Marathon02:22:45View Results13.1 milesVirtual
Aug 22, 20202020 Seawheeze Lululemon Virtual Half Marathon02:01:57View Results13.1 milesVirtual
Jan 12, 20202020 Walt Disney World Marathon05:30:19View Results26.2 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Jan 11, 20202020 Walt Disney World Half Marathon02:06:06View Results13.1 milesOrlando, FLWatch on YouTube
Nov 3, 20192019 Santa Clarita Half Marathon01:52:38View Results13.1 milesSanta Clarita, CA
🔥Oct 13, 20192019 Long Beach Half Marathon01:42:37View Results13.1 milesLong Beach, CA
🔥Mar 24, 20192019 Los Angeles Marathon05:18:15View Results26.2 milesLos Angeles, CAWatch on YouTube
Mar 16, 20192019 Virtual NYC Half Marathon02:12:56View Results13.1 milesVirtual
Jan 13, 20192019 Walt Disney World Marathon05:47:27View Results26.2 milesOrlando, FL
Jan 12, 20192019 Walt Disney World Half Marathon02:13:21View Results13.1 milesOrlando, FL
Jan 11, 20192019 Walt Disney World 10K01:13:25View Results6.21 milesOrlando, FL
Jan 10, 20192019 Walt Disney World 5K3.1 milesOrlando, FL
Mar 18, 20182018 Los Angeles Marathon06:10:30View Results26.2 milesLos Angeles, CA
Nov 12, 20172017 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon02:25:44View Results13.1 milesAnaheim, CA
Nov 11, 20172017 Thor 10k01:34:40View Results6.21 milesAnaheim, CA
Jan 8, 20172017 Walt Disney World Marathon07:20:50View Results26.2 milesOrlando, FL
Sept 4, 20162016 Disneyland Half Marathon02:16:31View Results13.1 milesAnaheim, CA
Apr 17, 20162016 Star Wars Half Marathon02:29:01View Results13.1 milesOrlando, FL
Nov 15, 20152015 Captain America 10k01:11:25View Results6.21 milesAnaheim, CA
Sept 6, 20152015 Disneyland Half Marathon02:42:10View Results13.1 milesAnaheim, CA