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New Site! Who dis?

· 4 min read

Welcome to my site. I've rebuilt my site with Docusaurus and features four primary sections:

  • Resume - because that's pretty required for a personal site
  • Running Stuff - a summary of my races and running events
  • Random Thoughts in Writing - a long way to say "blog"
  • Knowledge Share - a documentation section for me to share random bits of information

Welcome to updated site! After learning about Docusaurus, I wanted to try out the new framework and decided that rebuilding my personal site would be a fun little side project and a decent upgrade to what I had before.

Docusaurus' focus on documentation creation was very appealing to me because that would allow me to build something that was easily maintainable/updatable without relying on some fancy CMS in the backend. On top of that, since its a statically generated site, it gave me opportunities for some cheap hosting options and even the ability to do things within Github Pages if i wanted to. In this case, I'm using Vercel because I really enjoy their service and was using them already for some past personal projects.

So What's New?

At its core, I wanted this site to be about knowledge sharing and a place where I can share information. As a result it's all new.

The Resume

It's been a while since I updated my resumé. It probably can still be better, but for this, I gave it a little update by building it out using the ([] schema. This would allow me to capture the data I would want to share in the resume and rely more on templates to style it out. As a result, I have an updated resume on my site. Currently not looking at new opportunities, but it was fun looking back at some of the past work and accomplishments I've had.

Running Stuff

Running has become a huge part of who I am. Not only is it a way to stay physically healthy, it's become a great escape to destress and maintain a good work-life balance. The new page on running is really a place for me to track the raecs I've done.

For this, I've captured my race data in two JSON objects - one for upcoming races and one for previous races. From there, I use react-tables to print out that information for people (primarily me) to sort through. For me, this is especially useful to centralize all my past race results and keep track of how many races I've done in total. With this data, I'm able to break down my race count as well to easily see how many marathons, half marathons, and other distances I've completed.

Random Thoughts In Writing

This is really just my blog, and we're you're reading this welcome letter. I'm still not sure what you'll find here, but its really for posting random content that's more timely to current events. For example, maybe a blog post sharing something about new features in Google Chrome, or maybe something more personal like a trip report from a recent vacation. Who know's what you'll find here. I just now have a blog, something I've been meaning to do a long time ago.

Knowledge Share

This section will be interesting. With Docusaurus being a documentation framework, this is where I take advantage of those features. Over time, I want this to become a public notebook for me to reference but also as a place where people might be able to learn a thing or two. Mainly, this will be a place to share more productive information and how-tos.


Hopefully this becomes useful to someone at some point. Thanks for visiting and hope to share more content over time!